H2 Installations Course | AIMEN

32-hour advanced hydrogen training course through the virtual classroom with a practical session at the AIMEN facilities

22/02/2024 - 21/03/2024
The intensive use of H2 as an energy vector is already a reality, causing a growing demand for professionals in this field, creating a good opportunity, both for experienced professionals and for new technicians. AIMEN and VanguardLand Innova unify their extensive expertise, offering a different course, characterized by a conciliatory program, combining a virtual classroom with a practical day, seeking to adapt to both active professionals and those in training. The in-person session will be taught at the facilities of the AIMEN Technology Center, where key content taught in the course will be shown in a practical way, such as material compatibility, explosiveness simulation, etc.


  • Provide participants with the necessary knowledge about hydrogen, types and main generation routes.
  • Identify the different types of electrolysis and their applications, as well as the current situation of the electrolyzer market.
  • Know the regulations regarding risk prevention when we use and work with hydrogen.
  • Provide the student with recommendations for the assembly of hydrogen installations.
  • Learn to monitor and control hydrogen installations.
  • Know the different hydrogen storage methods depending on its state.
  • Identify the different uses of hydrogen.


Module 1. Introduction to hydrogen

  • Introduction to hydrogen and its generation
  • Production of renewable hydrogen by electrolytic means
  • Hydrogen storage and distribution
  • End uses of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen problems in the market
  • Resolution of a simple example of hydrogen production from renewables

Module 2. Practical aspects for hydrogen installers

  • Applicable regulations and regulations and safety
  • Materials
  • Assembly, commissioning and operation of hydrogen facilities
  • Monitoring and control systems for hydrogen installations
  • Maintenance of hydrogen facilities

In-person practical day

  1. Practical cases of calculation and modeling of behavior of various H2 storage equipment in cases of leaks, structural integrity and blending.
  2. Mechanical tests to verify loss of material properties due to H2 influence.