An alliance of 7 Technology Centres with cutting-edge knowledge and technologies, commitment to key productive sectors and a vocation to serve society and business.

The Galician Intersectoral Technology Alliance (ATIGA) was created in 2012 by AIMEN, ANFACO-CECOPESCA and CTAG. Subsequently, GRADIANT was integrated in 2013, and ENERGYLAB and ITG, at the beginning of 2015. The latest incorporation has been CETIM, so that the alliance includes the seven Galician technology centres of a national nature.

Thanks to the sum of the capacities of these benchmark technology centres, it is a strategic ally in R&D&I for Galician business, offering extensive experience in the development of innovation projects, both its own and in collaboration with other companies and for the main strategic sectors in Galicia.

Through cooperation among its members, ATIGA works to achieve technological excellence, encourage joint participation in the development of large national and EU consortia projects and offer companies greater opportunities to operate internationally.

Currently, it is the main Alliance in the field of innovation in Galicia and the largest mobilising agent of business R&D&I, placing innovation as a basic axis for the improvement of the productive fabric and the modernisation of industry. Its great challenge is to position Galicia as a technological reference, joining efforts to compete at national and European level. ATIGA works with the Public Administrations in the definition of R&D&I policies.


  • Chairman: Jesús Lago (AIMEN).
  • Vice-chair: Luis Pérez (GRADIANT) y Luis Moreno (CTAG).
  • Directors: Roberto Alonso (ANFACO-CECOPESCA); Toni Pons (CETIM); Fernando Val (ENERGYLAB); Carlos Calvo (ITG).



We work to promote the work of Galicia’s technology centres and ensure that their capabilities and technologies can reach the productive sectors and generate value for the market and society

  • To facilitate the appropriate transfer of knowledge and the absorption of the solutions developed by the Technology Centres by industry.
  • To strengthen, connect and internationalise the Galician innovation ecosystem, increasing the generation of patents, the sale of technology abroad and the participation of companies in European and international innovation programmes, such as the H2020 Programme and Horizon Europe.
  • To connect the different industrial sectors, through work methodologies and transversal technological solutions that facilitate sectorial hybridisation.
  • To be a key collaborator of the Public Administrations in the definition of public policies related to R&D&I.
  • To promote a multi-sectoral and excellent technological pole at European level that develops the necessary technological solutions to guarantee the effective transformation of industry.


ATIGA es la alianza de 7 Centros Tecnológicos


AIMEN Technology Centre is a national and international reference in R&D&I and the provision of technological services in the field of materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, especially joining technologies and laser technologies applied to materials processing and robotics. It is present in the main sectors of industrial activity.


ANFACO-CECOPESCA is the state-level Technology Centre of reference for the marine and food sector, developing national and international R&D&I projects, innovating in products and services and transferring advanced technological solutions to the industry. Its R&D&I lines offer comprehensive coverage of the current demands of the business sector, making the most advanced technical resources available to them.


The Multisectoral Research Technology Centre (CETIM) offers technological projects and services creating economic and social value. It has 8 laboratories: Chemistry, Bioprocesses, Microbiology, Electrochemistry and Batteries, Digital Industry, Construction, Polymers, Climatic Chambers. It has a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team that combines experience, dynamism and youth.


The Galician Automotive Technology Centre (CTAG) is an entity created to offer advanced solutions to the automotive industry, supporting companies in their modernisation and adaptation to new technologies in their products and manufacturing processes, through the promotion of research, development and technological innovation.



The Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Technology Centre (ENERGYLAB) is a national and international reference centre specialising in innovative projects in the field of the environment, whose mission is to develop and disseminate technologies, products and consumption habits that optimise energy efficiency and sustainability in the industrial, tertiary and transport sectors and in society in general.


The Galician Telecommunications Technology Centre (GRADIANT) is a key partner oriented to the needs of industry in the field of telecommunications, providing innovative solutions in technologies for security and privacy; multimedia signal processing; biometrics and data analytics; internet of things and advanced communication systems.


ITG Technology Centre aims to improve the competitive capacity of companies, organisations and professionals from different strategic sectors, facilitating their access to research activities in four interrelated areas of knowledge: sensorics and communications, ICT, energy and sustainable construction.


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