PHENOmenon is an innovative european project, led by AIMEN, that aims to develop a new manufacturing technology for optics and holographic products, economically and tailor-made, for high-efficiency lighting, security, aerospace applications or 3D visualization. 

The light generated by a laser can be optically modulated to give the sensation of accurately representing a three-dimensional object. PHENOmenon aims to harness this effect to develop an innovative and flexible manufacturing technology that allows for the parallel fabrication of custom 3D nanostructures based on the optical function required for each application. It is a type of submicrometer-scale 3D printing that, by splitting the beam of a single laser into up to a million beams, enables the construction of optical structures and holograms with high productivity and design flexibility.

AIMEN will actively work on the development of the project’s core optical spatial modulation technology, with a particular emphasis on exploring the upper limits of parallelization and productivity of this technology. Additionally, AIMEN is responsible for information and intellectual property management, leading communication tasks, and disseminating project results.

Palabras clave

Industry 4.0
Additive Manufacturing
3D Printing

Centro Tecnológico



2018 – 2020

This project will represent a first step towards producing holographic optics more flexibly and industrially. It is an emerging market, where only very specific and experimental products are currently available.

THALES will use the technology for security and space applications; the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre will test future techniques for protecting original documents, such as ID cards or banknotes; PSA will design new methods of vehicle interaction with the driver; and Flexenable and DesignLED will contribute advanced concepts for low-power LED-based visualization and lighting.

+info: www.phenomenonproject.eu