Enhance Microalgae

High added-value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic Area – Enhanced Microalgae

The project “High added-value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic Area – Enhanced Microalgae,” with a budget of €2.45 million, aims to exploit the biotechnological potential of microalgae in the Atlantic region. The project seeks to capitalize on this resource by transferring the latest advancements in the field to the business sector, enabling the cultivation of large volumes of biomass and optimizing production processes for various end products. Additionally, the project will explore the use of new species, expanding the business possibilities within this sector.

Through the implementation of a Decision Support Tool (DST), a combination of technical and financial modeling, the project will provide support to companies for the development of new specific products and the attainment of multiple products from the same cultivation. 



Technological Centre



2017 – 2020

The production of microalgae for obtaining high-value compounds is a significant opportunity for the business sector in the Atlantic Area, with high growth potential in the coming decades. However, there are certain technological barriers preventing the consolidation of this important potential market. In fact, although there are currently multiple business initiatives, they face the challenge of scaling up production and addressing the cultivation of new species.

This project aims to benefit a broad spectrum of interests in the industrial sector, ranging from cultivating microalgae for use as feed in aquaculture to exploring various technologies, such as nanotechnology, among others, for obtaining medical treatments, cosmetics, nutraceutical extracts, phytochemical production, or human nutrition, among others.