Biorefining processes for obtaining high value-added products from lignin

Lignoprized was able to successfully introduce lignin and modified lignin into a wide range of applications such as concrete, pipe and textile additives, among others, improving their conventional characteristics.

Lignoprized had a consortium of seven companies involved in the entire lignin value chain, which CETIM guided scientifically from the obtaining and purification of lignin from its extraction from black liquor (from the kraft pulping process) and biomass (from different origins), to its chemical modification for its adaptation and development in high added value applications.

Specifically, with the process of extraction, purification and modification of lignin, it was possible to obtain Kraft lignin, and subsequently modify it by chemical processes, both at laboratory and pre-industrial scale.


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CETIM - Lignoprized

From this modified lignin, CETIM investigated the obtaining of high added value products, achieving, for example, the formulation of plasticizers used as a dispersing base for concrete additives. The use of lignin and its modifications in fillers and compatibilizers for polymers was also tested. This has made it possible to improve the compatibility of polymers, partially substituting them in pipes composed of this type of material. The use of lignin as a high-value product in the textile industry was also achieved, from hydro/oleophobic treatments to fabric dye carriers.

CETIM - Lignoprized

Thus, the Lignoprized project has ended with very positive results. Thanks to CETIM’s work, it has been possible to validate the substitution of fossil resources by renewable natural resources, generating products with high added value and low environmental impact.