Intelligent data flow for the manufacture of certified metal parts using direct energy deposition processes

AIMEN coordinated the European project Integradde in which 26 partners from 11 countries have participated and has had a budget close to 17 million euros. This Horizon 2020 initiative has pursued one of the fundamental objectives of the European Commission to advance Industry 4.0: to deploy metal additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) in the European industrial environment under real manufacturing conditions.

To this end, a global control system has been developed that, in a standardized way, allows to digitally connect the entire manufacturing process, from design to the manufacture of parts, through the final quality control, allowing to implement a new manufacturing model faster and with zero defects.


Industry 4.0
Additive manufacturing
3D printing

Technological Centre




The project has focused on the production of medium/large metal parts, mainly for the aeronautical, metal-mechanical, automotive and civil construction sectors. Thanks to this system, the reliability of the additive manufacturing processes has been improved by more than 40% and the production speed by up to 25%.

AIMEN led the development of the control system capable of modifying the process parameters in real time, guaranteeing zero-defect manufacturing of metal components by laser additive manufacturing. The information generated during the manufacturing process has been collected using open and interoperable data formats on which artificial intelligence tools can be deployed.